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Small Displacement Sensor with Digital Display


PLC+HMI All in One Unit


Area Sensor Light Curtian / Machine Safety Device เซ็นเซอร์ตรวจจับแบบม่านลำแสง



CY125M : Blower Fan 1 Phase และ 3 Phase 1/2 HP Brand CAM YORK

DT722 : Rugged Industrial Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter Brand MICHELL Instruments

Wide Beam Array Fiber Cables Brand OPTEX-FA

D2SA Series : Fiber Sensors Digital Amplifier Brand OPTEX-FA

CRFC-09088B-3B : Cross Flow Fan AC Capacitor Motor 1 Phase 4 Pole Brand CAM YORK

SI8-C1 PNP NC H : Inductive Sensor Ø8mm. Flush Mounting Brand AECO

NF Series : Fiber Optic for Water and Moisture Sensing Brand OPTEX-FA

FP-108EX/FP-108E : AC Axial Fan พัดลมระบายอากาศ ขนาด 172øx51mm. Brand COMMONWEALTH

7000.6830.3 : Multipole Industrial Connector Brand WESTEC

7324.6008.0 : Multipole Industrial Connector Brand WESTEC

SM70 : Samba Programmable Logic Control+HMI (PLC+HMI) Brand UNITRONICS

T1-E : Wiring Duct And Accessories, Wiring Duct รางเก็บสายชนิดโปร่งพร้อมฝาปิด Brand IBOCO

NB-Series : Safety Light Curtain Brand SMARTSCAN

TIS : Programmable Digital Indicator Brand EROELECTRONIC

FP-108-1 : Ac Axial Fan พัดลมระบายอากาศ ขนาด 119x119x38mm. VENUS Brand COMMONWEALTH

V290 : Vision Programmable Logic Control+HMI (PLC+HMI) Brand UNITRONICS

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